Get your drilling going in the right direction

We start with the industry’s most reliable mud motors. Then, we calibrate them to reflect your directional drilling operations. Our customers are using our customized mud motor solutions to drill smarter and faster in every North American basin. Ready to experience a step change? We’re here to make it happen.


Smarter, faster drilling. Guaranteed. 

Altitude has drilled more than two million feet with the PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable system. Our experience shows. With our combination of rotary steering technology and domain expertise, we’re helping our customers complete the longest single runs in the Permian. Our Orbit system leverages “push the bit” technology to execute extended laterals in tighter target windows. Its 100% rotational drilling and 3D control deliver significant time savings. In the hands of Altitude’s experts, this already impressive rotary steerable system can be customized to meet even the most challenging applications. From intermediate sections requiring targeted bit speed to extended reach drilling, trust Altitude to transform advanced technology into customized solutions.


The best solution, every time

No two operations are alike. That’s why Altitude leverages the industry’s leading MWD technologies to deliver an appropriate solution for every customer. We’re not in the business of taking the “easy” way out. Instead, we invest in your operations so that we can deliver the best solution for your challenges, every time. That’s the Altitude way.


Next-level monitoring, collaboration and optimization

Our Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC) is staffed with the industry’s best team and technology, all working 24/7/365 to help you succeed. At the RTOC, we monitor your operations with real-time visualizations—and act quickly if any issues arise. The RTOC is also a nexus that connects field operators, operations managers, clients and the Altitude team. Real-time insights and optimizations. Full transparency. Next-level collaboration. Our RTOC delivers all that and more—at no added cost to you.